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Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation


Did you know that most homeowners save about $600 annually by simply boosting their attic insulation from R-11 to R-49?


Right now, there are approximately 46 million under-insulated homes throughout the U.S., many of which are as new as 5-10 years old.  Each of these homes is tossing hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling expenses through its moderately insulated roof each year.


If your home is older, or wasn’t insulated properly upon construction, Comfort Guard, Inc. is here to help you remedy the issue. By providing high-quality, fast, and friendly attic insulation services, our team helps ensure your home is running as efficiently as possible at all times.


Common Types of Attic Insulation


Today, there are three main types of attic insulation, these are as follows:


  1. Roll-On Insulation. Roll-on insulation (also known as blanket-type insulation) comes in a large roll of fiberglass batting, and looks like a large batt of fabric. These bats are between 15 and 23 inches wide, and are designed to nest comfortably between your home’s existing framing.
  2. Loose Fill Insulation. Loose fill insulation is also called blown-in insulation, and requires a machine to apply. Made from loose-fill cellulose, loose-fill insulation is “blown” over existing framing with the help of a machine. Ideal for filling in the many cracks and off-plumb areas in older homes, loose fill insulation is highly efficient and long-lasting.
  3. Sprayed Foam Polyurethane. If you’re planning on “finishing” your attic and using it as another room, sprayed foam polyurethane is a great option. Designed to mold to the rafters, this type of attic insulation blocks moisture and has some of the highest R-ratings of any insulation type. While it’s more expensive than other options, it delivers a top-tier finished product.


Save Energy, and Enjoy a More Comfortable Home


Today, most OKC homeowners see attic insulation as an outstanding investment in the efficiency and functionality of their homes. Designed to reduce heat loss, put an end to drafts, and keep your energy bills low, good attic insulation can mean the difference between an inefficient home and one that outperforms everything else on the block.


While you can insulate your attic on your own, this is a job best left to the professionals. Here at Comfort Guard, Inc., we use some of the best products in the industry to insulate your attic. We partner with Owens Corning, which designs products specifically for attics. Some of our favorite material is the EcoTouch insulation, which features PureFiber technology. Made from 99% natural materials and twice the recycled content of any other brand, this is a material you can rely on and feel good about all at once.


To learn more about the importance of attic insulation, or to find out which insulation option is right for you, contact our comfort advisors today. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have and are standing by to help you make smart insulation decisions that will benefit your home for years to come.

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